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To prepare Penang Assam Laksa, traditionally, you will need to grind a number of herbs, spices and cook the soup with plenty type of fresh vegetables. It was time-consuming, tedious and tiring. 


Now, you can easily cook your favourite Penang Assam Laksa right in your own kitchen by using TalentCook Penang Assam Laksa Paste. Talentcook Penang Assam Laksa Paste enables you to enjoy your favourite Penang Assam Laksa no matter where you are. You can creatively apply the paste to prepare the meal that you desire and adjust the taste to the optimized level you like the most. It is convenient and easy to use. You can now create something fantastic with little effort and without compromising on taste and flavour. Enjoy Penang Assam Laksa with your loved ones, family & friends anytime and anywhere.


现在,您可以轻松地在自己的厨房烹调您最喜爱的槟城亚参叻沙。无论您在什么地方,TalentCook 亚参叻沙酱可您省时,省力,更有效的煮出原汁原味的特色美食。现在就发挥您的创意厨艺,与您的家人,朋友一起分享!

 TalentCook  offers 2 types of Penang Assam Laksa Paste:

TalentCook   提供2类型的槟城亚参叻沙酱:
Suitable to prepare soup type dishes.
E.g. Penang Assam Laksa
       Laksa Soup Base Steamboat 
       Spicy Tamarind Soup (with fish/seafood)
       Popiah @ Assam Laksa Soup
       Dong Fen / Noodle/Bihun with Laksa Soup & etc.
   Suitable to prepare steam, fry and marinate type of dishes.
   E.g. Laksa Spaghetti
          Laksa Fried Noodles/Rice/Bihun
          Laksa Steamed Fish
          Marinate & Fried Prawn
          Laksa Bun Filling
          Laksa Baked Fish & etc.
Product Specifications
* Convenient & easy to cook in minutes           简易烹调

* No added preservatives                                  不含防腐剂

* No added artificial colouring & flavouring     不含人造色素及香精

* No added MSG                                                不含味精

* Hygienically processed                                     符合卫生标准

* Made with using authentic fresh ingredients   采用新鲜材料制成
Packing Size       200 g (3 - 4 Servings)
Packing Size                 1 kg (18 - 20 Servings)
Shelf-Life    12 months at ambient conditions.                     
Remarks    Once opened, keep in refrigerator.


If you wish to find out more from us, please write to us at or fill up our enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


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